Adding a Plant House to your Garden

Plant houses are similar to greenhouses and provide a variety of benefits. These structures provide just enough room to grow a wide selection of spectacular plants and are a great addition to any garden. They are particularly suited to exotic plants and not only provide a variety of features but also look great.

Plant houses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so there is something to suit all types of gardens. If you have a small garden, then there are a number of small designs that you can opt for that still provide just enough room to grow a variety of plants.

For those who wish to grow a wide selection of plants or plants that are tall, there are a variety of large plant house designs. Some larger designs provide enough space for storage of large garden equipment, such as wheelbarrows, soil bags and various other equipment. This is particularly ideal for those who do not have a garden shed and need extra space to store garden items.

For those who love gardening and need plenty of space to grow a selection of plants, there are plant houses that can be extended in length. This is ideal for those who require plenty of room to grow all their favorite plants as well as providing the freedom to transform the plant house into an extra area to relax.

For those who wish to create the perfect plant house, a bespoke design is the best choice. Choosing a bespoke plant house will give you the chance to create your ideal plant house based on your own designs and specifications. This is a great choice for those who need a design that suits their garden perfectly.

Plant houses look great when placed next to a selection of cold frames. Pairing these structures with a set of cold frames will not only make your garden look great but also give you plenty of space to grow a variety of fruit, vegetables and exotic plants and will make your garden look healthy and colorful.

Adding a Greenhouse to your Garden

Having a small garden can limit the amount of space you have to grow a variety of plants. However, there are many types of greenhouses available that are suitable for smaller gardens. One of the best types of greenhouse for a small garden is a lean to greenhouse.

Lean to greenhouses not only look attractive, they also provide you with just enough space to grow a variety of your favorite plants. Adding a lean to greenhouse to your garden will also help you to save money on heating bills as a result of the greenhouse being attached to a wall. Maintaining your plants is also easier, as you will have easy access to water supply.

Lean to greenhouses are available in a number of sizes. If you are limited for space then a simple, small lean to greenhouse is ideal and the perfect choice for those who only wish to grow a small variety of plants. Larger lean to greenhouses are ideal for those who have a small garden but just enough space to grow a wide selection of plants.

Another option for small gardens are cold frames. Cold frames are designed to provide your plants with plenty of protection and natural sunlight. Not only do they come with a variety of features, they are also attractive, making them the perfect addition to any garden. Cold frames are also a great choice for those interested in growing a variety of fruit and vegetables. Tomatoes in particular are a popular choice for cold frames.

A small, traditional greenhouse is also a great option for those with a smaller garden. Traditional greenhouses are available in a number of sizes and are not only attractive and very good looking, but also provide just enough space to grow a selection of plants.We hope this article has helped in making a good choice when looking to work on your home garden, feel free to get in touch for any other information you may need regarding the garden.